DAY 2  LIVESTREAM April 17, 2021

International Women’s Day Caribbean Tech Summit 2021

April 16-17, 2021

From 2020 to now, the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything. 
Women were hit the hardest as it transformed our worlds of work and opportunities for growth, as we started to live in a pandemic first reality.  It transformed our homes, the way we learn and the way we teach. 

Google Women Techmakers Trinidad and Tobago and Women in Tech Caribbean along with regional partners in the STEAM industry will be hosting the first ever International Women’s Day Tech Summit for the Caribbean featuring talks and workshops that will give individuals in our vulnerable communities and professional spaces the Courage to Create and grow careers and build solutions in the tech industry.

Featured speakers//

We are planning a very exciting list of featured speakers who will lead our community with industry tools and skills, and personal improvement  that will empower and transform them during this troubling time for our region. Stay tuned as more amazing leaders join the cause!

Elise Birkhofer
Google - Global Head of Women's Community & Programs
Camille Selvon
Programme Lead Animation Studies University of Trinidad and Tobago. Director Animae Caribe Festival
Rana Abdelhamid
Founder MALIKAH | Board Member Amnesty International

We Belong Here//

For the Makers The Doers, The Shakers

We have been asked alot – am I a techmaker? Many of our amazing community leaders and speakers have shared with us a sense of doubt…over whether they belong in this world of tech…and we want to assuredly respond by saying- YES YOU DO.
Diversity and Inclusion Techmakers of the Caribbean…Let us unite…as we use technology to change the world!